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ARTIST PROFILE. (Edward Blum). I have painted and drawn since childhood, as a form of identity and purpose. It provides out side of family the single most powerful force predominating my life as far back as I can recollect and is symbiotic of my future. I look forward to this future which will be consumed pursuing art personally and professionally. As an artist I would like to capture the human condition, basic emotion and our essence. A freedom to look deeper than thought and express in a far more powerful medium, using color figuratively and in abstracted form. A universal language defined by the human condition. It is this place in the human psyche where what we visualize is interwoven not only by what we interpret that we see. But is also tainted by the shadow of our past. A distortion of our perceptions of reality as we believe it to be.. Ultimately it is here that my mind finds interest, and I foresee my artistic future evolving.


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Friday, 22 June 2012

      The last few months it has been hard to paint. A lot of time has been spent blogging and looking at art and thinking. This has meant a lot to me, to follow and join so many blogs for many reasons. The main one being for me I see something very genuine in sharing experiences.

      Most humbling for me the amount of talented and amazingly gifted people there are. Some blogs people have the most amazing gifts of finding the creative unusual or wisdom and sharing it out of kindness. Yet each blog regardless of content  has an individual personality and finger print of the individual creating it.

      I have made friendships and found respect for the beauty and cultures of so many amazing places. Learnt that all our lives are extraordinary to some one, somewhere. I have never seen snow, yet I have seen the Aurore borialis on so many blogs where people have walked out there front door and photographed the sky whisking green. People fishing through holes in ice, polar bears all these things not through an encyclopedia but through real people living real experiences and sharing. Thank you.

      On that note I just would thank all of you for the the contribution and enrichment of my life. One blog for me takes special meaning. That blog is "The Symphony of Love". The link below.


      I hope you take time to see if this blog has meaning for you also. Because some times life isn't about being right, but finding that what we have in a universal language of what we have in common. This blogg combines so many of those elements.

      I am currently finishing a landscape inspired by the island in bloom. With one more large canvice left, which is now going to be a abstract of my exspiriences in blogging described above.

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