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ARTIST PROFILE. (Edward Blum). I have painted and drawn since childhood, as a form of identity and purpose. It provides out side of family the single most powerful force predominating my life as far back as I can recollect and is symbiotic of my future. I look forward to this future which will be consumed pursuing art personally and professionally. As an artist I would like to capture the human condition, basic emotion and our essence. A freedom to look deeper than thought and express in a far more powerful medium, using color figuratively and in abstracted form. A universal language defined by the human condition. It is this place in the human psyche where what we visualize is interwoven not only by what we interpret that we see. But is also tainted by the shadow of our past. A distortion of our perceptions of reality as we believe it to be.. Ultimately it is here that my mind finds interest, and I foresee my artistic future evolving.


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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Saturday, 7 December 2013

"Monsanto", by Edward Blum.
Acylic, 75cm x 75cm.

                                             "Monsanto". By Edward Blum.
My interpretation......

Monsanto is first of a series dispelling and bringing into question what i abhor, That this first abomination is about food. GMO.( Genetically modified organisms. The patent and control of our food resources, means farmers no longer own the seed or crops that they sow.

That as a result food safety is not regulated, it is being controlled by mega companies, who use slave lab our to produce what they themselves eat, wear or even own at a price.

That history has taught us that indigenous cultures when exposed to European diseases was all proven genocide. This time we are all indigenous, as GMO, is an alien organism. That we and all creatures have taken an on going eternity to evolve in a connection to each other. That GMO, is the crossing of things like plant genes with animal genes. That all GMO is patented and is not necessary and dangerous to sustain life.

Call me mad and I am on record saying it. Lol. But i have a wife and I have kids and I love. I care about the person next to me, and that their rights are mine.

That childhood Cancer for the first time is the no1! killer of children. That many health conditions cancer down to gluten intolerance are at ridiculous levels. That GMO wheat and corn is in all our food and drinks.?

Finally that to get to the point, which I hope to achieve with each painting. My biggest fear, that governments are indeed run by corporations who out of greed want to depopulate the earth. That we are reaching a point where we are reaching 8 billion people.

That these entity's know that climate change is real and our numbers are unsustainable. They know but out of pathological greed, think they are capable of want to control and regulate every thing including the environment and all the creatures of the earth.

That they are psychopaths, who think that it can be done by depopulation and destruction.