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ARTIST PROFILE. (Edward Blum). I have painted and drawn since childhood, as a form of identity and purpose. It provides out side of family the single most powerful force predominating my life as far back as I can recollect and is symbiotic of my future. I look forward to this future which will be consumed pursuing art personally and professionally. As an artist I would like to capture the human condition, basic emotion and our essence. A freedom to look deeper than thought and express in a far more powerful medium, using color figuratively and in abstracted form. A universal language defined by the human condition. It is this place in the human psyche where what we visualize is interwoven not only by what we interpret that we see. But is also tainted by the shadow of our past. A distortion of our perceptions of reality as we believe it to be.. Ultimately it is here that my mind finds interest, and I foresee my artistic future evolving.


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Saturday, 9 June 2012

The side bar on this blog is going to be used for blog windows.

Weir Road Creek.
120cm x 92cm. Sold Private Collection. Sydney.
Chimney Ruins.
Controlled burning and the dawn of new life at historical chimney stacks. Charters Towers. 2009. John and Diane Lynch Collection.
Ocean or Land.
120cm x 92cm. Sold Private Collection. Sydney.
I originaly fell in love with this great painting. Painted it as a mural on my grandparents wall.
Cohan Gully.
Beautiful gully chanced apon, full of light and colour in my mind. 2010. Petter and Cathy Bagnel Collection.
Magnetic Island After Yasi.
100cm x 75cm. 25.05.2011. Private Collection.


  1. What magnificent use of color, especially in your Cohan Gully.
    And, wow, your grandparents must be interesting people!

  2. Thanks for sharing some of your lovely paintings, Edward.

  3. Wow, I really love your paintings, they are all amazing!
    It's so strange, but I dreamed of a beautiful scenery about a year ago, and ever since then, I've been wanting to recreate that scenery on canvas, but that scenery looks similar to your paintings! I've been using my free time to practice drawing so that I can paint that scenery from my dream and I hope that I will one day be able to draw original, and beautiful paintings like you :D

  4. I would just say "WWOOOWWWW"!!

  5. I like so much your colorful paintings!

  6. Hola Edward, desde la distancia... admiro sus obras, sus marinas, sus paisajes. De un color intenso y con un contenido hermoso, como testimonio a la belleza perecedera que hay en el universo. Gracias por dedicarle un tiempo y valorar mis pinturas, mis esculturas. Me agrada recibir sus mensajes.

  7. such beautiful use of colour to express the feeling of the landscape.

    thanks also for visiting my blog.

  8. How wonderful to hear from someone so far away from my Virginia USA home - and yet so near in heartbeats and sharing of art and poetry. Thank you for visiting my Blog and for your comments. I only wish you were near enough to participate in Savor the Arts!!! Sharing your art thru the web will have to do for now. Your blog address will be listed as one of my creative connections!!!