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ARTIST PROFILE. (Edward Blum). I have painted and drawn since childhood, as a form of identity and purpose. It provides out side of family the single most powerful force predominating my life as far back as I can recollect and is symbiotic of my future. I look forward to this future which will be consumed pursuing art personally and professionally. As an artist I would like to capture the human condition, basic emotion and our essence. A freedom to look deeper than thought and express in a far more powerful medium, using color figuratively and in abstracted form. A universal language defined by the human condition. It is this place in the human psyche where what we visualize is interwoven not only by what we interpret that we see. But is also tainted by the shadow of our past. A distortion of our perceptions of reality as we believe it to be.. Ultimately it is here that my mind finds interest, and I foresee my artistic future evolving.


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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

"The Truth", by Australian Master and host of, "Colour in your life", Graeme Stevenson.

Art in Australia has found a voice. The T.V. sensational series, "Colour in your life". Hosted by Australian Master Grameme Stevenson.
Colour in your life Serries has a face book like page, link provided. Please take a view at the many talented artist on this page and like.
"Colour in your life", success is so amazing in Australia, that the the show is soon opening in Britain with 80 million viewers!
Expanding into other countries around the world is, China, United States This program has no limits.

"A Logical Beginning". - new work in water colour by Graeme Stevenson.

"Age of Innocence". Graeme Stevenson.
Please help share the word and Like, "Colour in your life", Face Book Page.
Each show features individual artists,is packed with inspiration, techniques and mediums to inspire us all. From original artists.

"Colour in your Life" has a web site also, blog form, u tube and twitter.

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  1. i really like you blog..the Colors and the Paintings everything :)