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ARTIST PROFILE. (Edward Blum). I have painted and drawn since childhood, as a form of identity and purpose. It provides out side of family the single most powerful force predominating my life as far back as I can recollect and is symbiotic of my future. I look forward to this future which will be consumed pursuing art personally and professionally. As an artist I would like to capture the human condition, basic emotion and our essence. A freedom to look deeper than thought and express in a far more powerful medium, using color figuratively and in abstracted form. A universal language defined by the human condition. It is this place in the human psyche where what we visualize is interwoven not only by what we interpret that we see. But is also tainted by the shadow of our past. A distortion of our perceptions of reality as we believe it to be.. Ultimately it is here that my mind finds interest, and I foresee my artistic future evolving.


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Sunday, 18 December 2011

                                          Self Portrait. Edward Blum.

       In painting this portrait I realized that everything was rhetorical. The answers lied within, even more so if I was going to be instinctively true to myself.
       My portrait would be my autobiography, present self and almost an obituary. As in the moment it came to be my essence would have already evolved. That I am not only a concentrated form of substance collated from extrinsic experiences. But much more, "I am".
       Thus over the years I have developed a particular style of painting, that I find rewarding creatively and personally. It is this style that I feel evokes my inner self, that makes this evolving portrait special to me.
       The faces that integrate into the entire face I call the, What if's"' and "If Only's" of my life. In its entirety I indulge the feeling of anticipation.
       It is difficult to pursue such a piece with a personal cognition to it is almost like it makes one internalize vulnerability. My strengths, weaknesses and fears are portrayed as the person, "I am".
       I hope that you continue with me on my journey as I carry on painting this portrait and more of its meaning.
Updated. 23.12.2011.
The "what ifs and If only's", of my life.
Family these are the things that bind.
       This is symbiotic and partial to my portrait. In that a big part of my essence of what I am. This is because of my interactions and experiences within my family unit past and present. Effect every interaction and reaction  today  and has its primal source within this infrastructural arena. This is etched upon my face, I am. What are we doing?
There is never a hole so deep that you can't claw your way out of.
       The shadow of our past are the lessons of our future. There is no point in experiencing pain unless you learn from it. For a shadow to exist there always has to be light. I am my own shadow and my own light.
The war I have waged against the world is the one I have waged against myself.
                                     For the earth has never sinned.
The tides' shore, echoed of its past season and yet each repeatedly was the same.
It was with each roll of the tide, it ate out its own surrounds and brought about its own change.
For it seems so uncontrolled that it potentially could be fate.
But in such a world of chaos, how come so many things relate?
It is taken for granted as faith, that it will always be there.
But as the sky's turn dark and the sea's turn Grey.
We will be forced to be in order to see, that mankind is not nor could be.
Capable of controlling the tides of the shores of our destiny.
For the earth has never sinned and God has seen in his heart that it was us.
So as the scourge that scorched the soil, we also shall turn to dust....Edward Blum.
On the day I began to live, I also began to die.
       Being a collective of the universe and my place in time. I can honour my existence by being a mirror reflecting my surrounds or a window in which light may pass. Mirrors are deceptive an illusion, most people are not aware that the are looking at themselves right hand reversed. I often wonder are we not also upside down?       

To be continued.............


  1. Thank you for your nicest comment and following. Happy Holidays to you and yours.
    I like your art. It is so special and colorful. So full of movement and passion. Great.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Lori, love your mosaic's and works. "Metaphors and illusions" I read on your blog, my Favorited things. Along with the talent you have in such abundance!!

  3. I felt the vitality for your work.
    It seems that the wriggle of color has produced a new place.

  4. Oh Eddie i am totally awestruck with this picture...I thought it was great when i first glimpsed it, then i had a closer look at some of the details, and had to comment I just think it is beautiful ! Well done a magic piece of work !